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Book It Program

The St. Mary’s reading program requires each fourth grade student to read 75 minutes each week. Students are encouraged to read and record all works of literature – textbook assignments, newspapers, magazines, and library books. I would recommend that your child read chapter books since this will promote the improvement of his/her reading ability and comprehension skills. It is also very important that your child read books that are at the appropriate reading level and to read aloud – at least part of the time. This reading program works in conjunction with the Pizza Hut Book-It program.

To receive a Pizza Hut Book-It slip, the student must meet the required minutes each week and complete a Book-It project during the month. This program runs from October through March. The required genres for the Book-It projects are tentatively as follows:

October/November: Non-Fiction 
(Report and Project due before Thanksgiving)

December:  Biography
(Report and Project due before Christmas)

February: History/Places
(Report and Project due February 28)

** No Book-It projects will be assigned during the months of 
January and March due to other projects/presentations.**