About Mrs. Jordan

Hello My Name Is...
Sarah Jordan



I am thrilled to be in my 3rd year of teaching 3 year old Pre-School!
What an awesome, wonderful and exciting time for your child!


My husband Malik and I have 5 wonderful children.  My daughter Rhianna is a junior, majoring with a BFA in dance at the University of Kansas. My son Caleb is a Junior at Sacred Heart High School.  My son Joshua is an 8th grader at Sacred Heart Junior High School. My daughter Layla is a 7th grader at Sacred Heart Junior High School. And, my youngest daughter Amarah is a 4th grader at St. Mary's Grade School.  My children are my life's work and I am so very proud to be their Mom. 

I was so blessed to be able to run a cleaning service out of my home while raising my children when the were young.  After a good 14 years in the cleaning profession (and my youngest was in kindergarten), I found that being back around children and working with them was where I needed to be. Thus, I closed my company and focused on continuing my Early Childhood Education and working at Love-N-Learn. One door closed, another opened and here I am, teaching 3 year olds! WOW! 

So now, as I continue to raise my own, I am so very happy to have even more children (my students) to help mold and shape into wonderful little human beings.  Teaching little minds is my passion and something I feel is a gift from God.  I've had a wonderful example as my Mother is a retired teacher of 40 plus years! And, working with wonderful, passionate people in the Early Childhood field has fueled my love for this profession even more.

I don't have much "free time"', as you can imagine with 5 children.  My time away from the classroom is focused around my children's dance, gymnastics, basketball, football, music and other school activities. I am a lover of music and have played the piano for 30 years. Up until this past summer I gave piano lessons and loved it, as well as my 15 + students! My husband has coached our sons in basketball since they were small.  He continues as one of the basketball coaches at Sacred Heart High School. Our sons play basketball almost year round and our daughters dance year round and compete in gymnastics.  Our oldest daughter, Rhianna, is on the KU Dance Company and a member of Unity Hip Hop Crew at KU.  All of our children play instruments and participate in band (that makes me a proud mama!). It is wonderful to see your children do what they love, but it sure is harder to keep up with as I get older! 

Other ways you may know me....We have been members of the Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish for 15 years.  I served on the St. Mary's Home and School Association for many years and helped St. Mary's Grade School music department with accompanying for various music events and activities.

A few fun facts about me:  I love leopard print! I love clothes and shoes! And I LOVE Minions! 

God Bless You Always,
Mrs. Jordan