Library News

Book Fair Volunteers are Awesome!!!
The book fair sold over $8,000 in books!!  The following people made it possible-Molly Suing, Courtney Hanke, Mara Klenda, Brianna Kaumans, Judy Weber, Jodi Feist, Heather Pilcher, Klara Lefort, Pete Sauber, Jennifer McGilvray, Kayla Herrman, Jennifer Thompson, Anna Gordonl, Alysun Lauck, Chelsea Bechard, Shelia Douglas, , Jennifer Yohe, Megan Trejo and Robin Neihouse.
So many teachers helped as well: Billie Jones, Sarah Torrey, Krista Demars, Deb Scheef, Monica Gawith, Zoe Greenemeyer, Shirley Zink and Theresa Gotti. A big thanks to my sisters, Karen Ballou, Nadine Bretton, Lisa Newell for helping with the set up!!!!
St. Mary's is so blessed to have such wonderful helpers!!!
If I forgot to list your name please forgive me!
Special THANKS to all the wonderful Grandparents that shopped and helped to support our library!!!