Mystery State Clues


Each week the students will receive clues to determine the Mystery State. Students may identify the name of the state on Thursday or Friday to receive tickets. Good Luck everyone!


Monday:  A region of gently rolling hills called the Piedmont
Plateau stretches across the north-central part
of this state.  

Tuesday:  In the 1920's, ball weevils attacked this state's cotton
crops and caused many farmers to lose their

Wednesday:  Huge figures of Confederate leaders are sculpted
on a mountain in this state.


Thursday:  During the Civil War, General Sherman made his
famous march across this state to the sea.

Friday: This state leads the United States in the production of peanuts or "goobers".

Last week’s Mystery State:  Arizona

 To learn the names of the 50 states, the students are singing the "Fifty Nifty United States" song in the classroom. 

Click Fifty Nifty United States Song to watch this video at home!

To learn the names of the capitals of the states, the students will soon be singing the "State Capitals Song" in the classroom.

Click State Capitals Song to watch this video at home!