Class Information

Homework Policy

Homework is due at the beginning of class on the following day that it was assigned, unless an alternate date is given to the entire class.

Late 1 day - 10% off and a demerit
Late 2 days - 20% off and a demerit
Late 3 days - 30% off AND a Think About It

In addition to the above policy, all missing work must be turned in before a student is able to participate in special events or parties.

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Only assignments with a 77% or lower (D+ and below) are able to be corrected.  These papers will be marked with "ReDo" or "Correct" next to the score.  Turning corrections back in is up to the student.  I do not require them to be completed, but I do keep track of all students that turn them in, or do not turn them in.  Tests and projects are not able to be corrected.  It is a general rule that tests are not retaken.

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Text Book & Study Guides

We use the text book for the "meat and potatoes" of our information, however I enjoy working outside of the text book as well.  All students will take part in projects, crafts, presentations, and outside information as it pertains to what we are studying.  All students are expected to bring their book with them on a daily basis unless otherwise told to do so.

At the end of each book lesson, the students fill out a graphic organizer and question sheet (notes worksheet) that is worth 10 points.  These are generally filled out together.  These notes worksheets are glued into their ISN (interactive student notebook). They also make flash cards for each vocabulary word in the chapter.  These notes worksheets, vocab cards and the skill lesson pages of the chapter, become the "study guides" for their chapter tests.  

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Extra Credit

Extra credit is available through the "Where is Mrs. G" challenges that you will find on the left side menu of my web page.  There are 6 pictures that will be posted each 9 weeks.  Each picture will have 5 questions for students to try to answer.  These challenges may be completed at any time during the quarter and must be turned in by the last day of the quarter in order for me to give credit for that grading period.  Up to 30 points may be earned if all challenges are completed correctly.  

Occasionally I will give out other extra credit assignments to the entire class.  As a general rule, I do not give out individual extra credit assignments as the "Where is Mrs. G" is available for any student to complete at their leisure.

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Student Absences

Students are given one extra day to turn in their homework for each day they were absent.  If a student receives their homework prior to being gone for a planned absence, it is due when they return.  

Students are responsible for making sure all of their work from any absence is caught up.

Extended absences (3 days or longer) may be handled differently.

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Tests are given over the information covered in each chapter.  Each test is approximately 20 questions.  Approximately 5 vocabulary questions, 10 comprehension questions, and 5 skill lesson questions.  As it is becoming more important that students learn to express themselves through writing, students will also write a short essay for every chapter.  Essay questions will be given to the students after they hand in their test, and they will be allowed to turn them in the following day.  The essay will also be recorded as part of their test grade.

Each test will be entered into the grade book as 100 points possible, and the percentage correct will be the points earned.  For example: 95% would be entered as 95/100 points.  The essay portion of each test will be entered separately.  The point value of all other assignments will be determined by the number of questions on the assignment.  Most assignments are worth 5-15 points.

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