We Believe . . . . . . . . .


"Finding God" - Our Guide in the Classroom

In our religion book, students will be exploring the seven sacraments in detail.  In February, the fifth grade students take the ACRE test, which will assess students' knowledge of various Catholic practices (attained in first through fifth grade religion classes) as well as their values and beliefs.


Living as Catholics

Throughout the school year, student will participate in various activities to strengthen their faith as Catholics, such as donating goods to help the less fortunate, taking part in a Passover Meal during Lent, and learning from various priests in the classroom.


Calling all Students to Serve . . . .

This year, all 5th grade Catholics will be given the option to serve Christ and assist the priest during mass. We look forward to seeing you in that white robe!!!


Learning and knowing various Catholic prayers is an important part of being Catholic.  These prayers help to remind us of our faith and beliefs, and provide a center in our everyday lives.  Throughout the year, all fifth graders will be responsible for learning some of these prayers.