Meet the Beesons


Mr. Beeson’s family is comprised of several members.  Let me introduce them!  From left to right: Sheila is the selfless soul that so often thinks about others before herself. She is holding our oldest child, Hendrix – age 11. Hendrix is not so selfless.  If he wants to be noticed, he will lay right on top of the papers I’m trying to grade! Next is our daughter Michelle. She is the really cute one with glasses who especially enjoys catching bugs. Michelle is seen holding Elsa, the newest member of the Beeson family, who also enjoys catching bugs. Elsa also enjoys picking on Hendrix whenever possible. Finally, in addition to myself, there’s our beagle, Penny Lane. Though barking at strangers can be a little excessive, her heart is as big as they come.


My Beloved and Selfless Wife, Sheila

Sheila's father is a Kansas native; however, Sheila's mother is English.  Sheila's father met Sheila's mother when he was overseas on active duty in the Air Force.  They soon married . . .and then there was Sheila.  Although born in Wichita, Sheila later moved to England with her parents at the age of 8 and lived and went to school in England for eight years until the age of 16.  Then tragedy struck.  Sadly, her mother died suddenly of a heart condition after being released from a short stay at the hospital.  With strong will and determination, she moved to Germany where her dad was stationed and attended high school for two years until her graduation.  After graduating, Sheila returned to the U.S. to live with her grandparents and begin college.  Soon after, her father and younger sister returned as well, both currently living in Salina.  Sheila graduated from Bethany college with a degree in social work and is currently working as a social worker here in Salina.  In May, 2008, Sheila (and Mr. Beeson tagged along for his first visit) returned to England for the first time in 11 years to visit her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. A day was also spent in London riding atop a tour bus, floating down the River Thames on a boat, and getting an up close view of Buckingham Palace.


The Path that Led to Teaching:

Mr.Beeson graduated from a small high school in 1996. He was strongly encouraged by his mother to seek a degree in elementary education, so he set out to do just that.  However, after graduating with an associate's degree from a local community college, a career in electronics seemed quite appealing as well.  After another two years, Mr. Beeson graduated with another degree (this time in electronics) from a tech school not far from home. This was indeed an exciting time for him. However, after a couple of years working as an automatic controls technician here in Salina, he learned that money would not bring happiness and that there are only a few occupations that are truly rewarding.  So back to school, this time to FHSU to pick up where he left off 5 years earlier . . .to graduate with a degree in elementary education. 

After teaching for three years at St. Joseph School in Ellinwood, he is happy to be back here in Salina, close to his childhood home, and teaching at St. Mary's School. Indeed, teaching is internally rewarding, and he can't imagine doing anything else!