Spelling City Information

Listed below is our classroom URL for Spelling City!


About Spelling City
Spelling City can be used to study your spelling words, it is an educational website and app that allows students to practice their spelling words through engaging activities. Access Spelling City online at the URL listed above or by downloading the SpellingCity app from iTunes, the Google Play Store, or the Amazon Appstore. There you will find our class’ spelling lists. Bookmark this web address on your computer to make it easy for your child to access the class’ wordlists.

Your child does not need to log into the site to access my homepage. Our class’ word lists will appear on the left side of the page below my welcome message. On the web, students select a list by clicking on the list name. They can then complete the SpellingTeachMe activity by clicking each word on the list, select the Play A Game button to practice their words using any of Spelling City’s free activities, or select the Spelling Test button to quiz themselves on their words and help them prepare for any upcoming tests.

On the app, students can search for our class’ word lists by clicking the More Lists button on the home screen and searching by Teacher Name. Once the lists have been loaded, they can select a list, then select an activity to practice their words. Spelling City’s activities and games make word study fun while helping students build confidence and learn independently. Working as a team will go a long way toward guiding ourstudents to academic success and ensure they become lifelong learners.