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Dear St. Mary’s Families:

It seems like a long time since we have had school “within our building”.  We would like to thank the students, families, and teachers for their patience and perseverance during the fourth quarter of the school year.  For the most part, even during a sudden change, we learned a lot from the experience and there were some successful positive outcomes.

During the summer, we were able to keep Love ‘n Learn Day Care open in a safe environment.  We were also happy to serve 14,000 meals to our families and the Salina community.

Now we are looking forward to the start of the new school year.  We plan to start school as scheduled on August 12.  Registration packets will be mailed to every family at the end of next week.  Please complete them and return them to school on July 29. Details of that day and procedure will follow.

At this time, we are planning to conduct face-to-face classes for Grades Preschool-Six.  We will be receiving guidelines from the County Health Department as well, as the Kansas State Department of Education later next week.  If need be, because of COVID-19 and the guidelines that will be given, other options may need to be considered, which may include a hybrid/blending system of alternating face-to-face classes with long distance learning.

We are in the process of planning protocols to monitor students, faculty and staff.  We ask that parents keep students at home during the school year if they are sick and report any sickness to the school.

As plans become more defined, you will be informed.  The highest priority is to have our students back in the school building.  Please continually follow the school’s website for any new information.


Dr. Nick Compagnone

Education today is a complex task. Children and young people must be guaranteed the right to develop at their own physical and intellectual capabilities, with an emphasis on their spiritual formation as well. The summary of the school's mission is to educate the whole child, "mind, body, and spirit." The church firmly believes that "parents, having given life to their children, are their primary educators." St. Mary's School recognizes that parents entrust the school to provide a quality education for their children. St. Mary's School is a PreK-6 grade school. The foundation of the school is based on traditional values with the focus on the individual needs of the child. Our motto "Love of Learning and Learning to Love" encompasses the idea of instilling the mastery of learning and living our lives in Christian character. The spirit of St. Mary's School is one of family. Parents are deeply committed to the school's mission. Students are involved in a variety of extracurricular activities, including an after school service project club. The focus of each individual student is evident by the small class size, as well as the monitoring of each child's development. God has made each person unique and it is our goal to educate each student with the grace of individuality.

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